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Devin Morris Talks Recruiting and Who's Next for A&M...

Q: Well we all know you've been a member of "GigemGang17" for awhile now, so what makes this group so special in your eyes?

Devin: It's really special cause we talk on a regular basis and we have a lot of talent in this class! We have something going here!

Q: We all believe it! So what stands out to you every time you visit Texas A&M?

Devin: Best place to be! No place on earth like Kyle Field! & the atmosphere is crazy!!

Q: It's only gonna get crazier with GigemGang17 coming in soon, is there anyone on the radar that you guys are eyeing?

Devin: Anthony Hines and Ondario Robinson

Q: Have you or any of the commits been in touch with those 2 guys?

Devin: Well, I've been in touch with Ondario, not sure about Hines.

Q: Have they been saying anything to ya'll about A&M?

Devin: Yes, they really enjoyed their visit at the first game.

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