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Tyree Johnson: Why He Chose A&M and What's Left To Come...

Got the chance to hear from Elite Pass Rushing DE and Texas A&M Commit Tyree Johnson. Got to know why he chose A&M and what else is left to come with "GigemGang17" and much more!

Q: Alright well I just wanted to say congrats on the commitment to Texas A&M, are you planning on taking any visits down to A&M in the near future?

Tyree: Thank you and yes of course, Using my official and I plan to use it sometime in January.

Q: So how is your season going so far in DC? Any goals set for this season?

Tyree: It's going really well, and I'm trying to break the school sack record. I'm going for 25 sacks this season.

Q: That's a goal you can reach for sure, So what's your relationship like with the commits in "GigemGang17"?

Tyree: It's decent they all from Texas so I don't see them much and can't be as close but we still talk in a group chat and those are some cool guys and it's cool to talk to them because they from different states so they know and see different things that I can learn. Also, I play against Kellen next week and that should be cool.

Q:Great group of guys for sure, Any recruits you guys have on the radar right now?

Tyree: Trying to get Hines and Marvin Wilson.

Q: And have you heard any feedback from those guys?

Tyree: No personally I haven't and I've never met them, but I think we have a great chance at getting them.

Q: Great to hear from you Tyree thanks for the time, Gig'em!

Tyree: Oh no problem anything for you man.. Gig'em!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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