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Jordan Moore to Aggieland?... We'll See On December 24th.

Today I got to catch up with one of the top Athletes in the state of Texas. 4 Star ATH Jordan Moore. Got to ask Jordan about his goals and more details on his December 24th Decision which could be a Lone Star Battle for the Yoakum Star.

Q: How's your season going so far? Any personal goals set for yourself?

Jordan: It's going great. I'm putting up real big numbers, the only personal goal I have is to not let anyone catch a TD on me!

Q: Has anyone come close to scoring on you?

Jordan: No sir... My island is locked down just like Nick Harvey's.

Q: Who knows you could be helping him out next year... So when will you be releasing your top 10?

Jordan: I should have it out Tuesday.

Q: I'll be looking out for it, Texas A&M make the cut?

Jordan: Definitely

Q: Is there any other Texas teams that made the cut?

Jordan: Yes, Texas and Houston. TCU (pending) will be if they offer.

Q: So December 24th is your decision date, What's gonna be the deciding factor in your commitment?

Jordan: Just what school feels like home... What school I know will win games and what school I know I will come in and have a chance to play.

Q: As of right now, Where do you stand with Texas A&M? How do you feel about them?

Jordan: I love them, it feels like home... Every time I go they show me love.

Q: Is there something behind the Orange gloves you wear on Gamedays?

Jordan: No, I just don't have any other gloves.

Q: As of now do you have a leader? or is it pretty close between some schools?

Jordan: It's real close definitely!

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