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Quick Q/A With Stud WR Joshua Moore from Yoakum, TX.

Last Q/A I'm posting for the day, but I got the chance to catch up with Joshua Moore and ask him about his visit and what he likes about A&M as well as what other visits he plans on taking this season.

Q: Congrats on all the attention you've been receiving since this summer, how do you handle the offers and the recruitment along with school and HS Football?

Joshua: Thank you, and I just pray to God and ask him to keep me focused and on the right path.

Q: So how was the A&M visit this past weekend? Give me a little feedback.

Joshua: It was live! The atmosphere was crazy! The fans were crazy the whole entire game, man it was great.

Q: What's one thing that stands out to you every time you visit Aggieland?

Joshua: The love from the coaching staff.

Q: Who on the A&M Coaching Staff do you have a close relationship with?

Joshua: Coach Mckinney, Coach Banks, and Coach Sumlin.

Q: Do you talk to them often? if so, what do they tell you?

Joshua: A lot actually! and EVERYTIME they ask me when am I going to commit and be apart of the fam, they tell me how much they want me.

Q: So at this point have you thought through your offers and cut to a top 10 or top 5 yet?

Joshua: No not yet.

Q: So what schools do you have visits set up for so far? We know you visited A&M and Texas so far, Are you trying to get up to any other schools?

Joshua: Oklahoma, Houston, Tennessee, and Maryland.

Q: What is gonna be the deciding factor in what school you commit to?

Joshua: How comfortable I feel with the program and with the entire staff.

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